Barton Howe



With input to a range of commercial schemes including medical centres, business park management and new airport infrastructure we aim to create a distinctive landscape framework that reflects the corporate identity of our clients and creates an attractive working environment. As part of the LEEF Landscape Network, we have provided masterplanning input to a large scale mixed commercial development in Cheshire. The development will provide a new distribution hub together with a hotel, retail, leisure and residential areas set within a designed landscape estate that will include dramatic landform and references to the historical use of the site.

Landscape Management

We have provided proposals for the ongoing management to a range of existing landscape assets including a business campus and residential sites. A significant number have required a review of existing tree stock, with services to clients comprising Tree Surveys to BS 5837: 2012, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Arboricultural Method Statements, Tree Protection Drawings and negotiating with local planning authorities to agree mitigation strategies for trees affected by development proposals.

Landscape Assessment

Barton Howe Associates have been commissioned to provide Environmental Co-ordination and specialist landscape/visual impact skills for both Strategic and project level Environmental Assessments. These include the strategic assessment of a River Catchment Flood Risk Management Strategy with a study area approaching some 1000 square kilometres, new highway proposals, new residential development, the extension to an existing leisure development set within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the development of agricultural related enterprises in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. In addition to our landscape assessment expertise we have also provided specialist input to Water Framework Directive Assessments for both strategic and project level flood alleviation schemes.

Public Realm and Heritage Landscape

Our place making skills have contributed to recent projects including a new village square in Oxfordshire, the regeneration of a local market town and a proposed gateway project to re-imagine a South Yorkshire mining village.

Some of our most challenging projects have involved the design of landscapes around historic buildings; be it as a re-creation of estate grounds or a contemporary take on the garden setting. This work has taken us overseas, including a collaboration with interior designer Daniel Hopwood, at a 15th century chateau in the south of France and the grounds of a Grade I listed building in the north east of England.


With a number of residential schemes in the design stage, or about to commence construction, we regularly devise green infrastructure strategies for new development, detailed landscape proposals and management of green space assets for private and affordable housing sites. Our portfolio of schemes includes new sites in Berkshire, London, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Oxfordshire, and Yorkshire. We are delighted to be able to work with, and provide added value, to the services offered by architectural practices to their clients.


We are currently providing landscape assessment, design and expert witness services to new infrastructure development that includes windfarms, new highways and flood alleviation schemes across the UK. Large scale infrastructure development, particularly windfarms, is often a contentious issue hence our expertise aims to balances functional requirements with protection of valued landscapes and local communities. We specialise in mitigation design to aid integration of new infrastructure into the landscape, and recent projects have included flood alleviation schemes and highway projects. Barton Howe Associates have an enviable record at windfarm appeals where we have provided expert witness for both landscape and cultural heritage issues.

Waste Management

We are providing site restoration design and monitoring of landscape management contracts at a number of sites across northern England supporting, amongst others, a regional waste management company in the discharge of various planning conditions. Following the preparation of a detailed landscape restoration design we have recently undertaken contract management through successive phases of implementation works at one site. In addition, we have undertaken a review of an EIA submission and advised upon a variety of development options for sites both locally and nationally.


An expanding portfolio of new school (primary and secondary), and Academy projects has been built around a commitment to exploring the boundaries of educational landscapes and design of whole campus learning opportunities. In addition to mainstream schools we are also providing landscape design input to schools for students with special educational needs, a challenging but highly rewarding process that tests our ability to maximise the opportunities of frequently compact urban, brownfield sites.

Sketch Books

We have included images from a selection of projects that are currently 'in development' at Barton-Howe.

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