Barton Howe

The LEEF Landscape Network is a group of Chartered Landscape Architects with a shared passion and commitment to improve the quality of our external environment.

Together we are a network of independent landscape professionals strategically located throughout England and Scotland. We choose to work together to offer collective experience, skills and resources to clients but retain our individual identities and personal service.

Our combined strength is that we bring the resource benefits and experience more associated with a large consultancy, but in combination with a more cost effective, flexible and responsive service. Complementary skills include landscape design, LVIA, horticulture, stakeholder engagement, expert witness and project management.

Each member of the network has a demonstrable track record both in the UK and overseas. We also share a common working history and have collaborated successfully on a number of projects. Our portfolio of joint projects currently includes new schools, residential schemes, planning appeals related to renewable energy proposals, flood alleviation schemes and the masterplanning/detail design for a large scale commercial development.

This unique blend of skills, experience and respect ensures that the LEEF Landscape Network is able to deliver a seamless resource to our clients wherever the project is located.


PlaceOnEarth is based in the north east of England and led by Nick Wright, an award winning Chartered Landscape Architect with over thirty years professional experience. Nick, who established PlaceOnEarth in 2012, has worked in both the public and private sector including experience with international, multi-disciplinary consultancies.

Nick is a particularly skilled designer with expertise in urban regeneration and masterplanning for healthcare including specialist mental healthcare, education, commercial and leisure development both in the UK and overseas. His portfolio of projects extends to South America, the Middle East and Central Europe.

Tel: 07966 002082


Barton Howe Associates, based in Yorkshire, is an award winning Landscape Practice with project experience in both the public and private sectors. Our expertise includes landscape design, landscape and visual impact assessment and landscape management projects, affordable housing, stakeholder engagement, green infrastructure, heritage design, EIA and landscape restoration both in the UK and overseas.

John Micklethwaite-Howe is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over thirty years professional experience. His expertise extends across all aspects of landscape architecture, urban design and landscape assessment including the role of Environmental Co-ordinator for a number of major infrastructure developments.

George Barton is a Consultant Landscape Architect with recognised skills in landscape assessment, design, project management, contract administration, landscape management, stakeholder engagement, and as an expert witness.

Peter Thompson is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over twenty years professional experience. His expertise includes landscape design, assessment, management, arboriculture, horticulture and contract management.

Tel: 01904 567711/567713

Mark Steele Consultants

Based in Scotland, Mark Steele is a Chartered Landscape Architect with extensive experience of landscape planning and design in the UK, Australia and Far East.

Mark is an acknowledged specialist in landscape and visual impact assessment and is a highly skilled and experienced expert witness. He has acted as an expert witness for residential, mixed-use, commercial, retail, wind energy and mineral projects.

Mark has undertaken landscape design for residential, commercial and leisure projects and provided masterplanning input to larger scale, mixed developments both in the UK and overseas. He is an experienced project manager with a desire and enthusiasm to deliver successful schemes.

Tel: 07979 387293