Barton Howe


At BHA we passionately believe in the positive contribution that can be made by Landscape Architects to create better places for all of us to live, work and enjoy life.

Landscape has a natural rhythm; the elements of form, texture, colour and space already exist. The skill of the designer is to combine these in balance to create a scheme that is visually exciting but relevant to a site and its function. In the hands of a talented and experienced designer, constraints become opportunities and solutions appear entirely natural; a sense of place is created which is unique to each site.

We incorporate this belief into all our projects, creative yet pragmatic, seeking opportunity yet respectful of the environment; landscape design should be both functional and fun. To us sustainability incorporates not just the embedded process of resource selection but also the ongoing commitment to delivering landscape solutions with longevity of use and ease of management. Landscape design should be sustainable but also meaningful and relevant.

We fully endorse the philosophy that the protection of existing landscape character and quality, and the design of spaces around where people live and work, has a significant impact on the quality of life for communities. At BHA we are committed to an approach based upon engagement and collaboration, dedicated to making a positive contribution.

Our commitment to a smaller environmental footprint is at the forefront of our daily activities and we strive to establish working relationships with likeminded enterprises in our supply chain.